It was my last night in Vegas & a big group of us decided to go out for our final hooray. After a quick scan of the male population I realized there wasn’t a guy in the place that I would consider hooking up with. But, I did find someone who grabbed my attention & she just happened to be a female – like myself. She was already dancing with another girl so I assumed it was her girlfriend. By then I had a nice buzz going & I told one of my girl friends “I want that girl!” She laughed and told me that I was nuts & greedy but I just couldn’t let it go. I simply walked over as she was dancing with who I thought was her girlfriend & I just squeezed in between them. Soon enough the other girl disappeared leaving just the two of us alone on the dance floor. This girl was beautiful & I was a bit taken aback as to how attracted I was to her since I prefer men (most of the time). She wasn’t a lipstick lesbian & she wasn’t a butch either. She was petite, had full luscious lips & she reminded me of Shane from the L Word, who is absolutely my type! We made our way to the bar to refill our beverages & next thing I knew we were making out like two schoolgirls as I was pinning her against the wall. Everyone around us was watching since apparently we were the only girl on girl entertainment for that night. One of my guy friends was wasted & so turned on by our performance that he actually tried to kiss me. I smacked him so hard across the face I think he practically sobered up! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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