Las Vegas is by far my favorite place to visit during the summer. A few friends and I were staying at the Alladin, which actually sucked & the only good thing about it was the huge jacuzzi in the room. I ended up bringing a girl back to the room & she loved it, so I suggested we go in. There was some bubble bath there so we made use of it & we filled the tub with water to the brim. There was a lot of heavy rubbing & foreplay. I pushed her back so I could get on top and gain some leverage. Her back was up against the handles & her ass was directly on the drain. She was moaning like crazy, soapsuds were everywhere & the water started overflowing & splashing onto the floor. All of a sudden I heard a very loud swooshing sound as her ass released the drain from moving up & down. My buddy must have just gotten to the room & hearing all the commotion he stormed into the bathroom to the image of us having sex to the soundtrack of her moans & the abnormal sounds of the tub draining. All he managed to say before he slammed the door was “What the fuck?” while the girl completely embarrassed kept on screaming “Oh God he saw me naked!” Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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