It was 4th of July Weekend & yet another trip to Vegas. We were hanging out by the pool by the calmer side & a cute girl started talking to me & we both asked the typical “Where you from?” She told me she was from California and I told her I was from Chicago. Soon enough we started hooking up in the pool & this girl was all over me. I remember not wanting to get out of the pool to get another drink because I had the biggest hard on. We eventually made our way back up to my room & luckily enough no one was there. We were hooking up & she suggested that we should take some ecstasy. I am too paranoid to do drugs so I told her “No”. She begged me to take a half & she practically tried to shove it in my mouth. Talk about peer pressure! I didn’t end up taking it but she did. Next thing I know she rips off my bathing suit & starts to give me the “best” blowjob I have ever had – still till this day! She asked me to get a condom & the entire time we were having sex, club music was blasting in the background. Then this song came on by the D-Devils & in the beginning the guy says “You know what I can give? I can give you sex, I can give you drugs, and I can most definitely give you house music!” I was mouthing the words to her while we were having sex & out of the blue she started crying. When I asked her what’s wrong she replied “Don’t stop, it just feels so good”. After a few hours of amazing sex, I walked her back to her room & we exchanged numbers. We ended up hanging out the next day as well but this time my friends were in the room so instead we decided to get in a cab and look for a cheap hotel on the strip. We found one & we were savages for hours! She left the next day & my buddies were making jokes that I found myself a “girlfriend” in Vegas. The chick was cool as shit & the sex was mind blowing, who would say no to that! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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