A group of us girls decided to check out Moon at the Palms. We ended up meeting a few guys who were all dancers – not strippers – more like dancers you would see in music videos. They definitely knew how to get down on the dance floor & we had a blast partying with them. I ended up hanging out with the guy who was the choreographer of the group & after dancing and flirting all night we ended up leaving together to go hang out at one of the casino bars. We somehow got on the subject of body piercings & he told me that he had his penis pierced. Without any hesitation I invited him to my room & we started making out and as he took off all of his clothes my fantasy quickly went to shit. I was horrified as I took a glimpse at his extremely small, soft penis & the huge ring that was literally weighing it down. Proportionally the two did not compliment each other. It was just so sad looking & I think the expression on my face gave away my disappointment because he started apologizing & saying that it has been a long time since he has been with a woman. As he was babbling, all I could think to myself was “This is Vegas not therapy session!!!” I escorted him out of my room minutes later! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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