Once a year for the past five years, a group of us head to Vegas for three days that involve strictly gambling. We are all married and this trip is what keeps us from blowing our brains out the remainder of the year. One of my buddies happens to be a big time gambler in Vegas so he always ends up getting a lot of comps & this time we had a huge suite at the Mirage. Me & the boys did some gambling, ate a nice steak dinner & headed back up to the suite to wait for two more friends to join us that were on a later flight due to delays. They never showed up since apparently they both got so drunk waiting at the airport that they weren’t allowed to board the plane. They arrived the next morning at about 8 am & my one buddy who is a complete degenerate headed for the casino the minute his bag hit the floor. Within one hour later, he lost all his money that he had & he stormed back into the suite shaking his bag upside down looking for more. He scrounged up a few twenty dollar bills & ran out of the room like a man who has had one too many bad beats – and who can’t relate to that! Apparently on this particular trip he lost more than his wife expected him to & she officially banned him from going ever again! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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