I had a business trip/conference with some co-workers in Las Vegas at the end of the summer. Never being in Las Vegas before, I took my wife with me, she wouldn’t let me go alone. A few of the guys I went with went solo which was no big deal. It was fun going out with them watching them try & hook up, some successful & some not so much. One guy, I will call him Lucky, was doing alright. He was dancing with the girls having some fun, brought one back to the table for a drink. The wife and I said wow, that was easy for him. So as the night went on my wife & I said our good nights and left. The next morning we got up for breakfast & as we were leaving our hotel room Mr. Lucky was leaving his – with a woman & a man!!! He looked at me & told me he would tell me later. So that night at our business dinner Mr. Lucky said the girl he was talking to left him to be with her friends & so he left & was getting ready to head up to his room. That was when this couple approached him & asked him if he wanted to fulfill a fantasy of theirs & he said why not. He took them to his room & you can imagine the rest. He said the other guy just sat in chair & watched, jerked off & as she was totally putting on a show. He also said it wasn’t really awkward until the morning. He thought they would leave but they spent the night! He said it was one of the most embarrassing moments of his life seeing my wife & I walk out the same time he did with them to go to breakfast. They were an older, average looking couple. She was attractive enough that night for him though. I told him that crap probably only happens in Vegas and to enjoy it. Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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