I was staying at the Palms with the guys for my birthday. We started off with a few drinks in the room & with a nice buzz headed down to the tables to gamble. My buddies were giving me shots at the blackjack table & I was drinking heavily. I ended up getting hammered & lost a lot of my money. My boys insisted that I had enough but I wouldn’t listen as I continued to lose more money at the roulette table and then the craps table. I was so drunk I was leaning on the craps table trying to hold myself up yelling and cursing at people. Finally the casino staff said I had to leave & my friends attempted to take my sloppy ass back to the room but I wasn’t done yet & insisted we go out! So we went to Rain. I only had fifty bucks left to my name & that was soon spent on three drinks. I ended up losing all my friends & was wandering around wasted, broke and drink-less. I ended up meeting a cute chick & of course she asked me if I could buy her a drink. When I told her I was broke she started to walk away. I yelled back to her “wait but its my birthday.” She didn’t believe me so I showed her my license. She actually felt bad for me & bought me a drink. We hung out at the bar & ended up taking a cab back to her room & of course she had to pay for that too! What? Girls get away with this shit every time they go out – it was about time the tables turned! We got to her room & well, you know what happened next! So, despite being broke, it ended up being a great birthday night after all! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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