One weekend my boys & I decided to make the four hour drive and hit up Vegas. We went to the 40/40 club & met a bunch of girls. My one buddy was so drunk that he ended up hooking up with one of the ugliest girls in the place. Beer/shots/vodka goggles in full effect! She was as hideous as he was drunk. At the end of the night we left & he ended up taking her back to the hotel & having sex with her in the bathroom. We all still wonder how the fuck he was able to even get it up when he could barely stand on his own two feet. We were still up & drinking in the room when the girl ran out of the bathroom with this mortified look on her face. Seconds later my friend came out holding his hands up, which were covered in blood! Apparently they were having sex with the lights off & when he turned them on he realized that the girl had her monthly visitor. The bathroom looked like a murder scene with bloody hand prints on the floor & on the wall. He wiped down most of the blood off the floor tiles, but the hotel definitely had to repaint that bathroom wall after we left! He has no recollection of what the girl even looked like. We all told him to consider himself a lucky fucking bastard! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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