While partying in Vegas I met a few girls & ended up in their room drinking shots of Jack & consuming lots of cocaine! One of the girls gave me a pill 7 I took it without hesitation. The next thing I remembered security was waking me up as I was lying curled up in the room where the ice machine was. I was covered in vomit & I had no shoes and no shirt on. I was asked by security to leave the hotel & when I told them I was a guest, they asked to see my room key. When I reached in my pocket it was gone along with my ID & all my money! I was so fucked up I couldn’t remember my room number or even who’s name my room was under. I was being escorted outside & luckily I happened to bump into my buddy. He explained that I was staying with him & then put me to bed. The next day I woke up & told my buddies that those bitches probably robbed me! Unfortunately most of the previous night’s events were a complete blur & I couldn’t even remember what they looked like. Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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