Me & my friends went to Vegas for my birthday & we stayed at the Wynn. The first day we gambled & drank excessively all night. The next day even though hung over we made it to the pool. Happy Birthday to me Happy Birthday to me!!! Yup it was my birthday that day. We starting drinking & doing shots at the pool & soon after where chatting it up with a few girls from Cali. Soon after I was making out with the girl I was talking to. We had a few birthday shots & we were feeling pretty good! She said to me “would you like your birthday present now?” Sure! We went up to my room because I knew none of the guys were there yet. We didn’t even make it to the bed when she said “here’s your present” as she pulled down my bathing suit & starting blowing me! She was so good that I completely ignored the maid knocking on the door to clean the room. She opened the door gasped & dropped the towels and ran out. We were cracking up as I yelled out to the maid “thanks for the towels.” A few days later I saw the maid in the hallway as she blushed & looked away when she saw me. Vegas Baby Vegas!

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