It was Saturday night & one of my guy friends insisted that we must go check out Studio 54. My girlfriend & I were open to anything, as it was our first time visiting Las Vegas. As the three of us arrived at the club, my attention was immediately drawn to the gorgeous male dancer sporting a fedora hat & an amazing body. He was dancing like Michael Jackson on top of one of those one-person platforms in the middle of the dance floor, with countless girls gawking at him & waving single dollar bills. In order to stand out I knew that I had to somehow separate myself from the rest of the vultures. I took out a crisp $100 bill & handed it to him, which led to a brief conversation. Many drinks later & with balls of steel, I gave him another $100 bill along with my hotel room number – or at least I thought I did. As I looked back in a drunken stupor, I realized that it wasn’t the same dancer from the beginning of the night. The dancer with my 2nd $100 bill was not as good looking as my original target, and it was at that point that I noticed that the club had more than one platform – each one obviously with a different dancer. The next day I woke up to my friend telling me how the less attractive dancer called our hotel room as the sun was coming up. Luckily, I must have taken a picture of the gorgeous one at the beginning of the night because till this day it is on my refrigerator. I can’t help but laugh every time I happen to glance at it – a Kodak moment worth $200! Vegas Baby, Vegas!

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